Contact Our Office

We pride ourselves on providing services that minimize work and inconvenience for our clients and their staffs.

To schedule a case for arbitration, mediation or other services, contact Amanda Gilbert at our office at (916) 442-0414 or by email at amandacgilbert@rgilbertadr.com. Our staff will be happy to assist you and provide you with available dates, usually within the next 30 to 45 days. We constantly monitor our calendar and maintain interest or "waiting lists" to provide you with short-set dates as they become available.

Should you have questions about how we may best serve you, we are pleased to discuss or schedule conferences concerning services with all parties without cost or obligation.

When you are ready to schedule with us, it is helpful to have the following information available when you call:

  • Name of your case
    • Name of all counsel involved
      • Amount of time necessary to complete matter i.e., half day, full day, or multiple days

After your case is calendared, a brief confirming letter including the full names of all parties; names, addresses, telephone and fax number of all counsel and whom they represent, and an indication of breakdown of payment of fees agreed to by the parties (i.e., 50/50 split, split between all parties, one side pays all) is required. Upon receipt, our staff will use this information to prepare mediation agreements and a confirmation packet, or, in the case of an arbitration, a thorough confict check will be performed and a complete disclosure and engagement letter will be provided.

Placing a Date on Hold

Our staff can place dates on "hold" on our calendar for a day or so in order to allow time to coordinate calendars and availability of parties, counsel and others. Once a date is set, we will require a fee deposit as final confirmation. (See Rates and Fees). This will ensure your date(s) will not be given out to other clients who may call seeking similar calendar dates.

We look forward to serving you.