Richard L. Gilbert
Judge of the Superior Court (Retired)
Our practice is devoted entirely to service as experienced neutrals assisting parties and courts in the fair and efficient disposition of civil claims and litigation. We facilitate mediation in a wide range of cases and disputes including personal injury, workplace, construction defect, real property, business contract and environmental matters. We regularly assist parties in multi-party and complex litigation, providing services as mediators, "Special Master" and "Discovery Referee". In connection with complex and multi-party cases, we can assist the courts and parties in managing communication and documents through Internet-based facilities and other current technology. For cases requiring contested hearing, we offer arbitration services, solely as neutral arbitrators, and service as judge pro tempore.
We also serve as independent, neutral investigators ("Special Counsel") in sensitive matters, utilizing our broad experiences in litigation, enforcement and adjudication. See the information on "Special Services".


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Richard L. Gilbert, Judge of the Superior Court (Retired)

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