While our facility, the Resolution Arts and Building, is temporarily closed as required, we continue to work and are conducting "virtual mediations" using state-of-the-art video-conference technology (Zoom). This service is provided at no additional cost to our clients.
Zoom is a leading-edge video and telephone technology that simulates the real time face-to-face mediation process ( .
We take the security and confidentiality of our mediations and conferences very seriously.
There has been a lot of news and speculation about the security of Zoom video conferences.  The reported hackings all involve large group meetings with published schedules.
For our Zoom meetings:
These steps avoid all reported issues with Zoom
Use of the Zoom platform technology is easy, confidential and secure. We will need counsel to provide email addresses for all who will be participating for their side (all attorneys, clients, insurance representatives and other participants) and we will provide an email to all mediation participants before the session with complete instructions and links to access the Zoom platform from any device with Internet access and audio and video capacity including desktop and laptop computers, smart phones, tablets and iPads. Activating the link will take the participants directly to the secure virtual mediation site. Remote participants without this technology can join the session by telephone with numbers we will provide.  Click HERE to see a sample email with instructions.
The Zoom platform allows the Mediator to organize and assign separate virtual Breakout Rooms for each of the parties so that private caucuses can be held at the outset or during the mediation with the mediator or only between the members of the individual party group. No matter where a party´s team members are located at the time of the mediation, they will retain the ability to communicate together privately in their separate virtual Breakout Room while the Mediator is speaking with another group. The mediator can also join multiple participants together in a virtual Joint Session.
We will be available before the scheduled mediation to answer any questions or address concerns from either you or your clients.
We are also prepared to conduct Arbitrations, Discovery Referee and other ancillary Alternative Dispute Resolution proceedings using remote access technology. We will consult with you on a case­ by-case basis on how to move forward to provide an appropriate forum to you and your clients.
Thank you for your cooperation as we face this challenge together. We remain open to your suggestions on how to move forward and look forward to working with you in the future.